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Dublin Airport Bus Stop Location

Please note that the bus stop at Dublin Airport for the JJ Kavanagh/Rapid Express bus to Waterford has now moved, it is now located at Zone 12, Bus Stop Number 8. This is closer than the old bus stop, here are directions from each terminal along with a map.

Terminal 1 – Exit Terminal 1 and head through the short term car park block, then on your left hand side you will see Zones 8, 10 and Zone 12, Zone 12 is the third zone on your left nearest the church. We are Bus Stop Number 8 at this Zone.

Terminal 2 – Exit Terminal 2 and go left towards the coach parks, the first zone you will come too on your left hand size should be Zone 13 and then you will see the church on your right hand side, Zone 12 is just opposite the church and just past Zone 13. We are Bus Stop Number 8 at this Zone 12.

Airport Zone 12 Map

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