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Our Customers are No 1

We truly believe that customers are No 1, and that is why if you have a query no mater how small, we want to hear it so we can help you out

We get back to you ASAP

One of our lovely customer service members will get back to you within 72 hours, usually 24 hours, they have the weekends off…lucky for them


How to Talk to Us

We have many ways in which you can contact us, the usual ways such as phone and post or you can even contact us through our app, twitter and facebook

Strict Confidence

Our customer service members have been trained to deal with your query in a confidential and efficient manner regardless of how small the issue might be

Customer Service Query

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Customer Service Details

Olympia Court
Parnell Street
T: 051-872149 (Mon-Fri)

On Social Media

You can now contact our customer service members on facebook and twitter. Simply like us on facebook and send us a message with your query or if you are on twitter you can send us a message there too.

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