From the 17th July 2019 we have changed the pre-authorisation amount from €1 to €0.20.

Have you seen a €0.20 charge on your account from Rapid Cabs?
Don’t worry this happens to all those who book by credit card on our app – BUT – we don’t actually take the €0.20 from your account, this is just a pre-authorisation charge!

Whats a Pre-Authorsation Charge?
This is a temporary hold on your card that you used to book the taxi of €0.20, it is a standard process that our merchant provider (the company that processes the card payments for us) use when people book or register their card with us. It is done for security reasons to make sure that the card being used in legitimate, even if the taxi is cancelled.

Why do I have to pay this?
It may look like that you are paying a €0.20 to us but actually you are not, it is just a security check and not an actual charge. It doesn’t cost you a cent and no payments have actually been debited from your account.

When does it vanish?
Don’t worry it will disappear off of your account, check your account again in a few days and it should be gone, it usually takes 2-5 days to clear from your account depending on your bank.

Need more info on it? 
No problems just send an email to our technical team at with any questions you have on it

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