With the unbelievable craze thats hit the internet, the ice bucket challenge, we decided to have a little competition on facebook all people have to do is like our facebook page www.facebook.com/rapidcabs and post their video to our page and the video with the most likes will get a €50 taxi voucher. Most importantly we will also donate €50 to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA).

I know it has been “clogging” up most peoples timelines on facebook, but like all crazes out there I think this one will come to an end shortly but look at the great amount of money that has been raised in Ireland alone for this disease, at the moment at the time of writing this post €1,250,000 was raised in Ireland alone with €312,500 going to research and the remainder going to help people with motor neurone disease.

I for one have learned a lot about this terrible disease over the past few weeks, not only about the disease itself but I’ve found out that a friend of my fathers has it, two friends of my cousin died from it and only from talking about the disease I found out this, so if you haven’t donated please do it will mean a lot to those who have Motor Neurone Disease.

Now off to donate our €50 to the IMNDA…….

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