This weekend is an exciting weekend for Waterford as we are being accessed for the Purple Flag award.

What is Purple Flag? Simply Purple Flag is like a blue flag on a beach, it is a recognition for a high standard in evening and nighttime economy from the hours of 5am and 5pm. It would look at areas like safe, affordable well managed transport, excellent food and dining experiences, entertainment in pubs and late night venues, arts and culture and early evening activity such as late night shopping, this is just some of the areas in a comprehensive list that they will be focusing on.

Who’s involved in Waterford? An Garda Síochána, Waterford City Council, Waterford Business Group, commercial stakeholders such as shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs and of course ourselves. All of these groups have been working on this for the past year and a lot has been achieved so far, with a lot more exciting developments yet to come. But to me the most important people involved in this whole process are the people of Waterford, it is up to us as proud Waterford citizens to show not just the Purple Flag committee but all those people that visit our wonderful city that it is a safe, enjoyable and exciting place to go out in.

When is it all happening? Its all starting today with the arrival of two members of the Purple Flag initiate arriving in Waterford, and they will be in Ireland’s oldest city until Sunday, so as I’ve said before this weekend like all others we have to show how Waterford is such a wonderful city, and all going well we will achieve our Purple Flag status in early 2015 and build on it year on year.

Want to know more? If you would like any further information on this exciting time for Waterford city please don’t hesitate to contact us or the Waterford Business Group or the Waterford Council

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