Rapid Response

Rapid Response is our automated priority booking service, done through IVR (Interactive Voice Response), basically our system checks your caller id against calls that you made with us in the past, it will then give you your most popular 2 pick up points. You can then either select either pick up point by selecting 1 or 2 on your handset or alternatively you can press 0 at any stage to talk to one of our operators.

Once you pick your pick up, the system will confirm that it has been selected and that your taxi has been booked. When your taxi is dispatched for our system you will receive a sms message (text message) letting you know that your taxi has been dispatched and this message will let you know the address that you selected along with this it will provide you with a link so you can see who your taxi driver is and it will also let you track your taxi.

1 - Ring us on 051-858585

Pick up the phone and give us a ring on 051-858585 and your call will be automatically answered by our Rapid Response Service


2 - Select Your Pick Up

Select your registered pick up point from your list and don’t worry it will be repeated back to you before you book

3 - Wait for your Taxi

Now your done, and it only took a few seconds with no waiting involved, except the short wait you have now for your taxi

4 - Receive a confirmation

Once your taxi is dispatched you will receive confirmation of the address along with a link to track your taxi

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