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Click now to book – account and registered customers can log in on the top right hand corner of the booking page, if you are a registered customer you can also now pay by credit or debit card

Book Your Taxi with E-Booking

Book Your Taxi

Fill in the relevant details so we know where we can find you, and when to pick you up. There is a notes section for any info that you might have for the driver to help with your booking. Select the type of car and get an estimated fare.

Taxi Booking Acceptance with E-Booking

Payment Method

Select the payment method in the bottom right of the booking screen. Options include cash, card in taxi, card online or on account. Please note you must regsiter as a user to use card or account payment methods.

Taxi Booking Status with E-Booking

Passenger Details

Fill in the relevant passenger details in case we need to contact you about your taxi booking.  Name, phone number and email address. Booking confirmation and reference number will also be emailed to you for your booking.

Rapid Cabs Ebooking Registration Page

Booking Confirmation

After you make your booking you will received a screen with confirmation of your booking. This information will also be emailed to you. If you register as a user will can edit or cancel your booking and also see past bookings.


Register now for E-Booking and get additional features such as:

* Option to Pay by Credit or Debit Card

* View & Rate your previous bookings

Set up templates of regular taxi jobs

Add your favourite addresses to book quicker

Rapid Cabs account customers can pay on account

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